Undomondo Radio Show #154

#154 of the undomondo shows is online: eclectic mix w/ dub, hip-hop & electronics, ready and set for a picnic! 

L’Eurasiatica De Balkaymak For Undomondo by undomondo

This is the fruit of the little exchange we did with the duo @Balkaymak, the second installment of their Eurasia series for the undomondo show on dinamo.fm. Amazing tracklist!

Undomondo Radio Show #149 by Undomondo on Mixcloud

Undomondo Radio Show #149

Downtempo black and white jazz noir for rainy days, and tons of coffee & cigarettes. The last bit includes a seamless cinematic mix from Bohren’s new album opener to Julia Holter’s great City Appearing. Listen to the end at least! The photo is of Catalan conductor Pablo Casals at his home in 1965 and credited to Arthur Leipzig.

Undomondo Radio 148: An Undomondo Xmas

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays with vintage christmas & easy listening hits.

Undomondo Radio #146

Joyriding through the Brasilian space and time via original samba from 50s to 70s, early bossanova and carnival songs.