Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • Undomondo Radio Show #149

    Downtempo black and white jazz noir for rainy days, and tons of coffee & cigarettes. The last bit includes a seamless cinematic mix from Bohren’s new album opener to Julia Holter’s great City Appearing. Listen to the end at least! The photo is of Catalan conductor Pablo Casals at his home in 1965 and credited to Arthur Leipzig.

    Undomondo Radio #146

    Joyriding through the Brasilian space and time via original samba from 50s to 70s, early bossanova and carnival songs.

    Undomondo Radio 145

    #145 starts with easy hip-hop & instrumental beats > moves on to a more electronic nuschool bit and ends with some funk.

    Undomondo Radio 144

    #144 Hauntological journey through pastoral scapes, with Fluorescent Lights, Pan•American, The Focus Group, 
    Jon Brooks, Colleen, Ensemble Pearl, Nude on Sand etc.

    Undomondo Radioshow #140  

    Bohren und der Club of Gore Mix

    I did this before the Bohren gig in Istanbul a few weeks ago, but failed to put it online on time. Maximum black dark doom jazz noir for your Sunday night smokesessions.

    Image credit: http://bit.ly/10iFjAC

    Undomondo Radio 138

    The first ever undomondo tribute is for the king of the west, the baritone crooner with the handlebar moustache, the late Lee Hazlewood.

    Lee Hazlewood - A House Safe for Tigers (Choir)
    Lee Hazlewood - The Nights
    Lee Hazlewood - Come on home to me
    Lee Hazlewood - Bye Bye Baby
    Lee Hazlewood - Rosacoke Street
    Eve - Anyone who had a heart
    Lee Hazlewood - Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain)
    Suzi Jane Hokom - Same Old Songs
    Lee Hazlewood - A Better place to be
    Lee Hazlewood - Paris Song
    Lee Hazlewood - Won’t you tell your dream away
    Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
    Lee Hazlewood - Chico feat.
    Lee Hazlewood - Love and Other Crimes
    Lee Hazlewood - Taxi
    Lee Hazlewood - Must have been something I loved
    Lee Hazlewood - Stone Lost Child
    Lee Hazlewood - Pour Man

    Undomondo Radio 137 by undomondo

    Once again songs inspired by and collected for a select group of Swiss Germans.

    Schwabinggrad Ballett - 65 Sekunden Hauptbahnhof (Intro)
    Tokow Boys - Swinging Pool
    Lilli Berlin - Atomkraftteddy
    Camera 3 - Russians in Space
    Kosmonautentraum - Kosmonautentraum No. 7
    Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Einkauf
    The Actor - Deutsches Mädchen
    1. Futurologischer Congress - Rote Autos
    Baard - Savior for the Nations
    Cosmic Overdose - Turs
    Ernst Busch - Hammer und Sichel
    Palais Schaumburg - Wir Bauen eine Neue Stadt
    Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Reisen um die Welt
    Die Haut - Der Karibisiche Western
    Golden Boy with Miss Kitten - Campari Soda
    Die Radierer -Drogentod
    Malaria! - Pernod
    Hildegard Knef - Du bist mein salz in der Suppe

    Image Credit: http://bit.ly/XjVzN4

    Ses ve Müzik Keşifleri / Expeditions in Sound and Music 3: Lucky Dragons (by SALTonlineistanbul)

    Archival footage of the 3rd gig in our Expeditions in Sound and Music series by LA’s Lucky Dragons. 4th concert by Nude on Sand (Jenny Hval & Håvard Volden) takes place this wednesday at 19:00.

    Facebook Event

    Undomondo #131: A healthy dose of 60’s soundtracks, porngrooves, library music and exotica & bachelor pad muzak.

    Mort Garson - Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant (1976)
    Elisabeth Waldo - Chant to the Sun (1960)
    Reiko Ike - Onna Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai
    Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Nightingale
    Eden Ahbez - Myna Bird (1960)
    Esquivel - Bella Mora (1958)
    Piero Piccioni - Tigers at the Riviera (1968)
    Marisa Barroso - Lamento Negro (1963)
    Jean Pierre Pouret - Introduction of Love
    Lee Howard All Stars - Hula Rock
    Franco Micalizzi - Mara’s Theme (1976)
    Remi Kabaka - Slave March (1978)
    Nino Rota - Dancing in the Mist (1991)
    Ennio Morricone - Uno Che Grida Amore
    Ennio Morricone - Sauna
    Hugo Winterhalter - My isle of Golden Dreams (1962)
    Reiko Ike - Koi No Dorei
    Roberto Cantoral - Frente A Frente (1971)
    Dick Dale - Summer Surf
    Sven Libaek - Bikini Girls (1974)
    Piero Piccioni - Party at the Beach (1968)
    Bruno Nicolai - Lopagan Island

    Image: Robert Mapplethorpe, 1987

    A collection covering different aspects of the electronica landscape like electro, synthpop, newwave, motorik, kosmiche & drone etc.

    Mark McGuire - Alma (Reprise) / Chances Are
    Ultravox - Vienna
    Eleanoora Rosenholm - Pimea Tahti
    Helado Negro - 2º Dia
    Celer - When Ice Makes you Weep
    Yo La Tengo - By Two’s
    The Advisory Circle - Wheel of the Year
    Popol Vuh - Heart of Glass
    Aksak Maboul - Saure Gurke
    To Rococo Rot - Forwardness
    Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique
    Silver Apples - Seagreen Serenades
    Kyle Bobby Dunn - Dropping Sandwiches (In Chester Lake)
    Snowman - Snakes & Ladders
    Exact Index - Show me your moves
    Geoffrey O’Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
    Fred Frith - Love Parade
    Cockney Rebel - Judy Teen

    Image credit: Vadim Savran

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