Markus Kenel - Casablanca Roadtrip

Taken from the EP “Markus Kenel - Casablanca Roadtrip”. Markus Kenel & Nico Sonne are in Istanbul for the weekend at our club Minimuzikhol.

Albrecht Wassersleben - Get Deep Mixcast Vol 18 by Zukunft

Albrecht Wassersleben is a really dedicated DJ from Dresden and one of the major forces behind the excellent Uncanny Valley label. 

Jahiliyya Fields Boiler Room NYC Live Show

Math techno from L.I.E.S Records’ Jahiliyya Fields - Boiler Room NYC Live Show.

Lotti (The Sorry Entertainers) - One Second Of Infinity 

Alter Ego Podcast 002 by Alter Ego Amsterdam 

Terekke - Amaze (L.I.E.S.021)