OFF! - “Hypnotized”

Whoa, is that Jesus Lizard’s David Yow on the new OFF! video.

suicidewatchIggy Pop and Anya Phillips

MOCA presents The Art of Punk - Black Flag

On the first episode of “The Art of Punk” we dissect the art of the legendary Black Flag. From the iconic four bars symbols, to the many coveted and collected gig flyers, singles, and band t-shirts, all depicting the distinctive Indian ink drawn image and text by artist Raymond Pettibon.  

The Urinals - Hologram 

From the Urinals debut EP originally released on Happy Squid Records in 1978. One of my alltime fave punk songs. Reissue on Superior Viaduct, 2013.

I said I needed you / You said you needed me / Mutual selfish desire / I had a hologram X Now that it’s all over / I rarely see you any longer / I plug myself in / I am a hologram..

leeiro: Ian Dury - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick