Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • Bell Towers - Tonight I’m Flying 

    Rohan Bell-Towers (aka Roman Wafers) is one-half of d-floor dream Bamboo Musik. What you may not know is that Rohan also has a solo project called Bell Towers, and his latest 12” was released a couple of months ago on Norwegian label Internasjonal. He has bestowed us with the honour of premiering his visual masterpiece for ‘Tonight I’m Flying’, telling us that the video was “inspired by the great spa promotional and karaoke videos of our time.

    Maxmillion Dunbar - You Sure Love To Ball

    Max D from Beautiful Swimmers with this percussive hit.

    Joash - Bleed (Sportloto Soviet Mix)
    (Compost Disco, 12”, 2011)

    Russian producer Sportloto's nudisco hit from last year. Heard it the first time today, it's quite a dancefloor killer.

    "Awesome rework from the master of remixes Jacques Renault, just in time for summer. We have been loving the original over the last couple of months, but this version really fires it up for the dancefloor. Lost of NYC vibes droppin on this track with the crazy Morales-esq per and old-school DFA dark disco vibes." Feel my Bicep