Unknown Thai wedding band jam

There is no such thing as too much reverb! Some rural Thai band jamming traditional thai-isan music, which amazingly sounds very very psychedelic.

Jahiliyya Fields Boiler Room NYC Live Show

Math techno from L.I.E.S Records’ Jahiliyya Fields - Boiler Room NYC Live Show.

Pixies: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

3 song live set from Pixies with new member Paz Lenchantin on violin.

Prior to the rolling of cameras, the band warmed up the crowd with “Where Is My Mind,” but this three-song set features a 2014 tune called “Greens and Blues,” a song yet to make it onto a Pixies release called “Silver Snail,” and 1989’s “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” which melted hearts and seared minds with a new memory from a time long past.

Black Uhuru - What is Life 

Priceless Black Uhuru live! Also this, Black Uhuru in Japan 1984.

Mouse On Mars Boiler Room Berlin Live Show

New figure : Jesus dancing at MoM Boilerroom. Easily the most detestable/likeable guy on earth? Which side are you on? 

21 years young, the legendary Mouse On Mars continue to push sonic capabilities and bodies forward in tandem! Masterclass. This performance was part of the CTM Festival special.