Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • Needle Exchange 127: M. Geddes Gengras

    "The music on this mix was recorded by my brother, Cyrus Gengras, between 2002-2004 (ages 15-17), with contributions from myself and our friends." Read more about this mix on selftitled

    Joane Skyler - Orz Side 1

    The first physical release by enigmatic electronic composer Joane Skyler. Romantic computer music from the future. 2nd edition of 50 pro dubbed orange cassettes.

    Learning Curve #7: Iasos (by INTOTHEWOODS.TV)

    Greek new age freak Iasos teaches four elements of using sound for light body activation and healing on Into the Woods.tv’s Learning Curve series.

    Peaking Lights - Dreambeat

    This is the 10th installment of the UO Music video series, following videos for Toro Y Moi, Beach Fossils, The War On Drugs, Spank Rock, Black Lips, Cloud Nothings, Nick Waterhouse, The Walkmen, and Frankie Rose.

    (Source: vimeo.com)

    House Reverends - Steve Woodwinds Hired Dub

    "The record is a freewheeling survey of that aesthetic, dabbling in dub, lo-fi ambient, and minimalist sample-based percussion tracks that recall the far reaches of Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’s ominous, introspective song sketches or that sound like they’re cribbed from a long-lost Blues Control remix album". Ad Hoc

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