le-revelateur: Afterimage Selves

Here is Sabrina’s new video for the track “Afterimage Selves”, taken from our upcoming record called “Extreme Events”, coming out on Root Strata in the late summer. 

Needle Exchange 127: M. Geddes Gengras

"The music on this mix was recorded by my brother, Cyrus Gengras, between 2002-2004 (ages 15-17), with contributions from myself and our friends." Read more about this mix on selftitled

Tuluum Shimmering - Khual Yaang: To Summon The Spirits

A 19min film from 2009 by Tuluum Shimmering with 3 different soundtracks recorded live in the presence of the film. This is the first version - ‘Cing’. 

High Wolf - Kulti 

New stuff from “Kairos: Chronos” LP (NNF272) on Not Not Fun

Joane Skyler - Orz Side 1

The first physical release by enigmatic electronic composer Joane Skyler. Romantic computer music from the future. 2nd edition of 50 pro dubbed orange cassettes.