Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • Feels Like Home #51: Holy Sons - “Bed of Nails II

    An intimate Holy Sons performance of “Bed of Nails II” within the collectable confines of Emil Amos’ home studio. The original text accompanying this video has been discarded because the writer got too stoned and high on poppy tea. As a special treat, Emil has also shared the alternate version of this track for stream and download: http://bit.ly/10MFi3X 

    Serafina Steer - Night Before Mutiny

    Night Before Mutiny from Serafina’s 5 track E.P. ‘Bloody Hell’. Out 13th September 2010 on Stolen Recordings.

    Sivu - Better Man Than He

    The video is a collection of data gathered from MRI scans and inspired by research into improving the management of children born with cleft lip and palate. The research carried out at St Bartholomew’s Hospital is funded by Barts and the London Charity and CLEFT, a small London based charity.

    (Source: youtube.com)

    U.S. Girls - Rosemary

    With the ghosts of glam rock and pop crooners past as her guides, Remy’s free to play around with different personas, characters, and genders. She dreams of being Jack the Ripper in a mesmerizing cover of Brock Robinson’s “Jack”, while “Rosemary” is a yearning, sea-sick elegy for the title character’s affections. Pitchfork

    Masha Qrella: Talk To The Trees

    Masha Qrella and fellows singing a cover version of their own song Talk to the Trees at Nagoya Station.

    (Source: youtube.com)

    Father John Misty Performs - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

    Jesus Christ, girl
    What are people gonna think
    When I show up to one of several funerals
    I’ve attended for grandpa this week

    (Source: youtube.com)

    Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On 

    The alter ego of J. Tilman, ex-Fleet Foxes. This was about to expire in my drafts folder.

    “I see a lot of rampant, sexless, male-fantasy everywhere in the music around me. I didn’t want any alter-egos, any vagaries, fantasy, escapism, any over-wrought sentimentality. I like humor and sex and mischief.” Subpop

    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Only In My Dreams

    Ariel has been toying with the minds of indie music listeners for what, 10 years now? On this cheeky new VHS video, he explains how love is unobtainable or why polygamy is good for you, or something. Anyway, you’ve already heard the leak. Mature Themes is definitely a keeper.

    (Source: youtube.com)

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