Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • Bill Callahan @ Casa Da Música | Porto | 23.02.2014 

    45 minute set from Bill Callahan in Porto. 

    John Wayne’s Seat Belt - Accidental Gunshot

    2nd single from the John Wayne’s Seat Belt EP dropped.

    Pixies: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    3 song live set from Pixies with new member Paz Lenchantin on violin.

    Prior to the rolling of cameras, the band warmed up the crowd with “Where Is My Mind,” but this three-song set features a 2014 tune called “Greens and Blues,” a song yet to make it onto a Pixies release called “Silver Snail,” and 1989’s “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” which melted hearts and seared minds with a new memory from a time long past.

    A Short Film About Connan Mockasin - You Need To Hear This

    Connan Mockasin recorded his second album “Caramel” in his hotel room in Japan. You Need To Hear This met up with him at Ace Hotel Shoreditch London to find out why this was the best way for him to do things, and captured a unique performance of “I’m The Man, That Will Find You” live from Connan’s bed.

    Tears & Marbles - What is Love

    yvynylNot gonna lie, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d post any version of this fucking song. This wildly-popular, over-played, ultra-cheese, Euro dance one-hit wonder 1993’s megahit from Haddaway may have finally reached the “good kind of irony” to give it a play. 

    Bailterspace - Films of You

    Films of you is taken from the forthcoming record ‘Trinine’, from New Zealand shoegaze legends Bailterspace.

    Nirvana - You’re Just The One

    You’re just the one to keep me company / You’re just the one to hold me by the hand / I’m happy that you try to understand 

    Late 60s UK Psychedelic Pop band Nirvana’s cult cassette reissued by Burger Records

    Wolf People - “Fain” album mini-mix

    Teaser of the new Wolf People album “Fain”, released 29 April 2013 on Jagjaguwar

    Throughout Fain - the band’s second album - folk melodies meet visceral fuzz-rock, never sounding quite like anyone else specifically, but a unique blend that never coalesced at the time. Led Zeppelin weren’t miles away, but their folk tendencies were more of a detour from the pursuit of swaggering rock & roll stardom. Wolf People take both routes in equal measure, counting influences from the psychedelic Mighty Baby to the delicate tones of Fairport Convention. The Quietus

    The Dodos - Confidence

    From the upcoming album, Carrier, out in August. 

    The album was written in a period deeply influenced by the unexpected death of guitarist Christopher Reimer. Embracing a more organic approach to songwriting in Reimer’s wake, the San Francisco natives’ fifth LP release will see a shift in tone and style from previous efforts. Paste Magazine

    Ergo Phizmiz - Ophelia

    With no default mode of music making, but versed in so many, it would be fair to call Ergo a music conceptualist. But the purposeful construction of his writing and production methods are always in the service, rather than at the expense, of the pure joy of what makes a good song.

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - “No Need for a Leader”

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra tears the shit out of “No Need for a Leader” during Boise’s Treefort Fest at the El Korah Shrine. 

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