Undomondo is a music blog from Istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz; indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.
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  • The Focus Group - Kinky Korner Klub

    From their newly released masterpiece ‘The Elektrik Karousel’ on Ghostbox

    Ghost Box co-convenor Julian House is back to haunt your waking dreams with a new album of imagined library cues, test-tones, telly themes and yellowed sound-postcards from a 70s childhood you may or may not have endured. Boomkat

    The Dandelion Set - Tone Garden (Children’s Programme Version)

    "From the edge of the Black Forest to the hamlets of Dorset, digging deep into the archives of the collective unconscious The Dandelion Set make psyched-out, blow-your-mind sound nuggets with the un-selfconscious freedom of the 70’s…drawing from Library music, prog-folk, krautrock and electronica.”

    His Name is Alive - Are we still married (1992)

    Named after history class notes on Abraham Lincoln, the Livonia, MI-based sonic manipulators His Name Is Alive formed when multi-instrumentalist/producer Warren Defever was still in high school. Defever, former schoolmate Karin Oliver, and drummer Damian Lang released self-produced cassettes of their music, one of which made its way to Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of the pioneering art label 4AD. The Hauntological Society

    Félicia Atkinson - Entomology
    (by sarah mosk)

    Limited edition cassette release by Félicia Atkinson ‘Venice is Falling’ on IDTN Group

    "from venice to myanmar, visions of crumbling kingdoms and precious ruins voice, keyboards and night falling in a buried river. ” Bandcamp

    Hauntological video by Sarah Mosk.

    MP3: Nicholas Szczepanik - Again, Falling

    Now, here’s a newcomer in the “hauntological” way. Drone/ambient artist Nicholas Szczepanik has a twist in his approach, and turned The Caretaker’s hazy nostalgics for inspiration. Out on WEME Records.

    "Like we say, there’s an undeniable conceptual allegiance with The Caretaker’s foisty shellac ambience and introverted loop spirals, but like Indignant Senility’s compelling ‘Consecration Of The Whipstain’, the magic herein lies with Nicholas’ ability to breathe extra life into the samples, foregrounding their rich melodic nuance and tactile textures against a murky, lowlit background which draws the ear through the heavy red curtains to a cavernous and dark hollow behind." Boomkat

    Stream both sides and read what he says about the album

    Bandcamp (Name your price)

    Belbury Poly Mix for FACT Magazine

    A special mix by Belbury Poly, recorded for FACT, January/February 2012. Featuring Pye Corner Audio, Wagon Christ, YMO, Caravan as well as Ghost Box artists The Advisory Circle & The Focus Group and Belbury himself. Also, a vintage Turkish psych funk track by Husnu Ozkartal!

    Belbury Poly - Summer Round
    (by Monstroon)

    The best news of Feb 2012 is Ghost Box favourite Belbury Poly is releasing a new album called ‘Belbury Tales’. The first video is an excerpt from Julian House aka The Focus Group’s full length. Amazing video / sounds as always.

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