Knö ~ Morgane

Late night haunter from Jon Brooks aka The Advisory Circle of Ghost Box fame. Stunning.  

The Focus Group - Kinky Korner Klub

From their newly released masterpiece ‘The Elektrik Karousel’ on Ghostbox

Ghost Box co-convenor Julian House is back to haunt your waking dreams with a new album of imagined library cues, test-tones, telly themes and yellowed sound-postcards from a 70s childhood you may or may not have endured. Boomkat

The Dandelion Set - Sun Jah 

An EP is in the works soon! Check out the rest of the songs at The Dandelion Set’s soundcloud page 

The Dandelion Set - Pristina Strawberry Girl

Glyn Bush of Biggabush ventures into the hauntological territories of Ghost Box and BBC Radiophonics.

The Dandelion Set - Tone Garden (Children’s Programme Version)

"From the edge of the Black Forest to the hamlets of Dorset, digging deep into the archives of the collective unconscious The Dandelion Set make psyched-out, blow-your-mind sound nuggets with the un-selfconscious freedom of the 70’s…drawing from Library music, prog-folk, krautrock and electronica.”