Deaf Center / Recount - Oblivion

Deaf Center are collaborators Erik K Skodvin (AKA Svarte Greiner, Xhale, Solitaire Albread) and Otto A Totland (AKA Supine, Nest), operating out of Norway since 2003. 

Deaf Center dig out two extended, beautifully solemn movements to inaugurate Sonic Pieces’ Pattern series. Recorded during sessions from 2008-2012, ‘Recount’ is a sublime entry documenting their ghostly actions before and after ‘Owl Splinters’ (2011), their last record for Type. ” Boomkat

Talvihorros - Live in Leiden (NL) 30.05.2014

Petrels w/ live visuals by Laid Eyes performing @ Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden (NL) 

Koen Holtkamp - Crotales
From Motion on Thrill Jockey

The new solo record by Mountains member (and longtime Other Music friend) Koen Holtkamp displays his well-established blend of analogue synth, trippy folk and gentle Krautrock elements, filled with arpeggio-heavy, cosmic synth/acoustic tracks that touch on Terry Riley, Cluster/Roedelius and other spiritually leaning synth luminaries.

Other Music

Madalyn Merkey - Archipelago

"valley girl was inspired by the agriculture and landscapes of oakland, california and its horizon of rolling hills. the peaks and valleys of the album’s landscape are made of fifteen computer generated tones that cycle through melodies driven by ambisonic surround-sound locations to define space." Out on Matt Mondanile’s New Images 

The Mole - I Twist You Turn

2012, Maybe Tomorrow records.