Undomondo Radioshow 137

Once again songs inspired by and collected for a select group of Swiss Germans. Neue Deutsche Welle. Playlist.

Glowing Palms - Ask Me After Midnite

Tune!! Off Ruf Kutz #9.

On the A1, Glowing Palms makes his triumphant return to Ruf Kutz with an ace marimba laced version of Skream’s “Midnight Request Line”, which drops the steppers rhythm in favour of a boogie house bump. Piccadilly.

Aquarius Heaven feat. dOP - Nasty Boys

"Aquarius Heaven take us on a racy visual trip back through time in their new video, where forgotten sleaze from the past is manipulated into a new vision."

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (Alkalino rework)

Sapho - Carmel 

1985 disco hit from Celluloid Records.