R. Stevie Moore - First-Hand (1983)

One of R. Stevie Moore’s occasional releases on an outside label (in this case, the Minnesota-based avant-garde imprint Innova, better known for releases by the likes of Harry Partch and Anthony Braxton), the 2003 compilation Nevertheless Optimistic is closest in style and intent to 1993’s excellent Contact Risk. These 23 songs include many of Moore’s poppiest and most accessible tunes.

Innercity Ensemble - White I

Innercity Ensemble‘s II is a study in black and white, but in these improvisations the colors are not always what one might expect. Each entry comes across as a riff on a theme. The contrast yields to synthesis, much in the same way as a yin-yang symbol swirls opposing forces until they seem complimentary. A Closer Listen

Alvarius B. - Dwarf Awareness

"Alvarius B. (alan bishop) and sir richard bishop are brothers who were two thirds of the legendary ethno- jokester-punks sun city girls. if you don’t like it… don’t! represents the first ever split release between the bishop brothers under their own name performing original material. " A-Musik

Scott Walker - ‘Epizootics!’ (by 4ADRecords)

"Epizootics! is possibly the album’s most ‘accessible’ song, and even that is ten minutes of Tom Waits-esque percussion, demented brass motifs, otherworldly screeches  and Scott Walker’s timeless doom-croon." Rate your Music

Album Art

I’ve been to the Land of Artostan, and now I can’t return. 

Played 100 times.