Komodo Haunts - Drinking the seabloom

Sedative ambient sounds from UK’s Komodo Haunts.

Madalyn Merkey - Archipelago

"valley girl was inspired by the agriculture and landscapes of oakland, california and its horizon of rolling hills. the peaks and valleys of the album’s landscape are made of fifteen computer generated tones that cycle through melodies driven by ambisonic surround-sound locations to define space." Out on Matt Mondanile’s New Images 

The Mole - I Twist You Turn

2012, Maybe Tomorrow records.

Lusine - Arterial Order Arterial 

Another fine microscopic video & song, this is out on Ghostly.

Zammuto - Great Equator

Upcoming on Temporary Residence.

These images were made using a high quality visible-light dissecting microscope (color) and a Scanning Electron Microscope (monochrome). Specimens include: ‘scratched’ vinyl (made in a process described here: (Vimeo link to scratch edition), rubber stamp letters