Thompson Twins - Beach Culture Live

I never thought I would see a video to this one. Live at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, UK, 1986

Eyeless In Gaza - New Risen (1983)

Eyeless in Gaza, two who are, then as now, intent on walking a path distinct from the usual pop/rock hullabaloo and overkill — One snowy November evening, 1982, cocooned in Le Havre… and… happy.

The Momus Story - Nick Currie 

Nick Currie who performs as the iconic Momus is interviewed abbout his life & music by Iain McNay for Cherry Red TV.

D. Charles Speer & The Helix
From Doubled Exposure on Thrill Jockey

R. Stevie Moore - First-Hand (1983)

One of R. Stevie Moore’s occasional releases on an outside label (in this case, the Minnesota-based avant-garde imprint Innova, better known for releases by the likes of Harry Partch and Anthony Braxton), the 2003 compilation Nevertheless Optimistic is closest in style and intent to 1993’s excellent Contact Risk. These 23 songs include many of Moore’s poppiest and most accessible tunes.