Funkadelic featuring Moodymann…Sloppy Cosmic

Sloppy Cosmic taken from the original 1973 Funkadelic album Cosmic Slop. Mr Dixon had access to reels and stems, additional vocals by George Clinton & KDJ, additional keys by Amp Dog Knights. 

Theo Parrish - Footwork

New single from the forthcoming album out on Sound Signature innaminnit! 

Henry Thomas - Bull Doze Blues

Little Axe Records compile 12 of their favorite tunes from between 1927-29 by Texan blues songster Henry Thomas. Free download on Little Axe Bandcamp

Cloudface - Untitled

Cloudface releases an EP called untitled on Black Opal, the vinyl branch of UK label Opal Tapes.

Federico Durand - La Linterna Magica

From El estanque esmeralda on Spekk. Bandcamp

For this album, I used different kinds of instruments, but I wanted to keep music very simple: little melodies and cassette tapes, some of them from 30 years ago that I found lying on the streets of my city, Buenos Aires. I hope you will enjoy this wander to the Emerald Pond.